PhD Applications

Many aspiring PhD students have questions about PhD application process. This is especially the case for applicants who apply from a different country. In 2011, I applied to 6 PhD programs in the US having done my entire education in the Netherlands. After joining Stanford’s PhD program, I served on their PhD admissions committee for two years. Both going through the process successfully myself, and reviewing hundreds of applicants on the admissions committee, has given me a good understanding of the components of a strong application packet.

To help other students with their application, I’ve written down my thoughts and experiences in a document titled “Doing a (computer science) PhD in the United States (as a Dutchman).” While I believe it’s probably useful for non-CS and non-Dutch students, it is largely based on my own experiences, hence the parentheticals.

If you’ve found the document useful and/or are interested me giving a presentation about the process, please send me an email!